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Saving 8,000 billion rials with the ability of domestic companies in Lavan refinery

The CEO of Lavan Oil Refining Company said: "Using the construction capacity of domestic companies in this refinery has led to savings of about eight thousand billion and 980 million rials compared to foreign purchases."
TEHRAN (NIORDC) Quoted from IRNA , "Mohammad Ali Akhbari" referring to the refinery"s use of 25,000 domestically made goods, said: "In order to implement the words of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in order to strengthen support for domestic production and policy to meet the needs based on domestic production,In recent years, Lavan Oil Refining Company has been able to benefit from the potential capacities of knowledge-based companies and domestic producers by forming an internal manufacturing committee.
Akhbari continued: More than 2,200 rows of goods, including nearly 25,000 items of various goods, were produced for the first time at the request of Lavan Oil Refining Company, using the manufacturing capacity of domestic companies, and this set of measures led to currency savings from The place of use of production capacity has been entered.

He added: "The combination of these measures has led to savings of eight thousand billion and 980 million rials compared to foreign purchases in these years." Akhbari, emphasizing that Lavan Oil Refining Company, by using all its capacities, has succeeded in obtaining the highest amount of net profit from the beginning of its activities, said: so that from a loss of 263 billion Tomans in 2014 to a profit of 2 thousand billion Tomans at the end The year 2020 has been achieved.
Referring to the 100% return of the currency from the company"s exports, he added: "The currency from the company"s exports has been 100% returned to the country"s economic cycle in line with the implementation of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

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