Legal basis of duty
1 National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC)
The National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) was established in March 1991 based on a principle observed by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum for separating upstream activities (exploration and production of crude oil and gas) from downstream ones (transportation of crude oil and products, refining, export, import and distribution of petroleum products). NIORDC officially began its activities in 1992.
NIORDC, as one of the four main companies of the Ministry of Petroleum, manages and supervises the activities of its subsidiaries, including the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC), Abadan Oil Refining Company, Imam Khomeini Oil Refining Company (Shazand) and the National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company. The activities of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company are divided into three systems of production, transmission and distribution (as pieces of the downstream value chain). In addition to the three systems mentioned, the company is responsible for providing engineering and telecommunications services to supply chain companies.
Company's Articles of Association
Staff units

2 Office of the CEO
Arranging and scheduling CEO meetings
Arranging the meetings of the Board of Directors and preparing and communicating the meeting ratification 
Review and study of all normal and classified correspondence and reports
Summarizing lengthy reports for consideration and issuance of CEO orders
Preparation of circulars, review and correction of reports and correspondence of the CEO
Preparation of the reports and correspondence required by the CEO and the Board of Directors
Reviewing, referring and following up on requests and complaints at the company level
Responding to the clients within the scope of delegated authority
Directing and guiding in-person and telephone clients to the relevant units
Establishing effective communication and coordination between the company's administrations on the related issues
Description of approved duties

3 Executive Affairs of the Board of Inquiry into Administrative Violations
Investigating cases of administrative violations of employees by deploying supervised experts in order to obtain information related to the cases of violators and following up on the issuance of verdicts and notifications and their enforcement, taking into account all protective and precautionary dimensions to prevent irresponsible individuals from accessing the information while respecting for the dignity, honor and administrative etiquette of the accused during the investigations
Description of approved duties

4 Assembly Affairs
Study and analyze the reports of statutory inspectors/independent auditors regarding the annual financial statements of subsidiaries, including: balance sheet, profit and loss, liquidity report, accumulated profit and loss, as well as the points contained in the statutory auditor's reports on current and capital budgets and credits.
Provide necessary advice to the CEOs of the subsidiaries and their board of directors regarding business skills, preparation of standard financial statements, performance reports of current and capital budgets, and tax-related as well as legal issues.
Description of approved duties
5 Structural engineering

The administration is tasked with investigation of the organization and structure of the headquarters of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) and its subsidiaries. It also provides specialized services to the ceded companies, conducts structural/organizational studies and surveys according to the principles and criteria of systems management and industrial engineering techniques at NIORDC and its subsidiaries.
Organizational design, division and separation of activities based on the process of systems, methods and operational standards using specific criteria of industrial engineering and preparation and adjustment of organizational charts proportionate to the activities
Determining the scope of responsibilities and authorities based on the approved goals and plans
Studying and assessment of the set of regulations and approval of the set of duties and determining the limits of the power and responsibilities of jobs
Analysis of job descriptions, evaluation of bases and conditions for achieving and observing the alignment of the bases determined by the Joint Commission for Coordination of Classification and Evaluation of Jobs in the Oil Industry
Participate in conducting surveys and economic evaluation of transferable activities to third parties and work out necessary proposals
Study, review and adjust the methods of doing work and ensure the productivity of the company's operating and service systems
Description of approved duties

6 Internal Audit
Prepare, devise and set goals, policies, bylaws, audit procedures and proceeding instructions for the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company
Carry out constant periodic inspections on the internal control systems installed to carry out the current operations of NIORDC
Carry out special audits that are referred by the CEO, the Board of Directors, etc., as the case may be, and case studies, as well as cross-sectional and incidental assessments
Prepare and compile audit reports and submit them to the Board of Directors and the CEO of the company
Description of approved duties

7 Legal Affairs
Set policies and guidelines in the field of litigation, land acquisition, development of legal procedures and communicating it to the subsidiaries
Preparing, drafting and compiling bills and legal claims in domestic and foreign courts and judicial authorities and defending them
Acquisition of lands, purchase and sale, restitution, preparation of the text of the lease of real estate required for the company's operations and consideration of lawsuits in this field
Commenting and supervising the preparation and drafting of domestic and foreign contracts
Settlement of deforcement of the company's lands and places
Resolving encroachment on privacy, facilities and buildings
Initiate a lawsuit against stolen property and assets of the company
Comment on the claims of natural and legal persons against the company and, if necessary, file a lawsuit in the judicial authorities in order to enforce the rights of the company and respond to the lawsuits filed against the company
Reviewing and interpreting the provisions of domestic and foreign contracts
Comment on and provide legal advice in the headquarters and managements and the subsidiaries
Description of approved duties

8 International Affairs
Study of international markets, marketing, exports as well as the development of joint ventures inside and outside of the country
Explore the potential for participation in petroleum-related events
Carry out necessary research projects and studies on international oil and gas markets in order to predict the trend of economic developments and applying the obtained results in the pricing and purchase and sale of petroleum products
Study of global markets for crude oil and petroleum products
Follow up on issues related to damages, compensation and delays in export and import shipments
Description of approved duties

9 Security
Preservation and protection of facilities, property, documents and employees of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC)
Exercising supervision and control over the proper implementation of protection and security instructions in the NIORDC administrations and subsidiaries
Procurement and supply of weapons, ammunition, equipment and security systems in coordination with the General Security Administration
Planning and supervising implementation of security/protection training as well as providing administrative/logistic services to security personnel
Establishing communication and coordination with the armed and guardian forces, government officials and the people in the field of protection
Description of approved duties

10 Public Relations
Preparation of policies and instructions for public relations and communicating them to the public relations units of NIORDC subsidiaries and administrations
Creating a suitable platform for communication between company officials and government personalities and officials
Announcing and reflecting the approved policies and activities of the company through mass media
Assessing public opinion about the performance of the company and its subsidiaries
Preparing training courses for public and general informing
Preparing, compiling and arranging publications of NIORDC activities to raise the level of people's information and awareness
Providing services in scientific, technical, cultural, social and religious events
Description of approved duties

11 Technical Inspection and Arrangement of Petroleum Products Trade
Determining policies and arranging periodic inspection plans of the NIORDC subsidiaries; conducting continuous periodic inspections of different headquarters, executive and operational administrations of the company in order to ensure proper performance
Considering the application of methods and instructions for maintenance, repair and operation of facilities and machinery based on the codified principles of the technical inspection and control system of the Ministry of Petroleum and offering recommendation to construction companies
Preparation and regulation of policies and instructions related to the transportation of petroleum products, inspection, protection and safety, and monitoring and control over their proper implementation in the NIORDC subsidiaries
Supervision and control over quantitative and qualitative measurements and delivery and transformation of petroleum products at the entry and exit points of the company's subsidiaries in coordination with the General Directorate of Petroleum Export Supervision and Technical Inspection of the Ministry of Petroleum
Control of standards and specifications related to the type of equipment, devices and systems for measuring and controlling the inventory of petroleum products in accordance with acceptable standards in the oil industry
Investigating and commenting on the surpluses and deficits caused by the transportation of petroleum products and providing appropriate solutions to reduce wastage of petroleum products
Monitoring the correct operation of automated measuring devices and measuring systems in the subsidiary facilities of the company
Description of approved duties

12 Vetting 
Assessing the moral, religious and political competence of the candidates in order to hire and vet the credentials of corporate, contracting, scholarship, system design, contractual, tenured, etc. forces, using codified and related bylaws and methods.
Planning and scheduling for timely invitation of job applicants according to the priorities set for completing the questionnaire and face-to-face interview and arranging interviewers
Study, review, evaluation and comment on the applicants' files after research and interview
Approval of employment permits in the initial stage, status change and revision and sensitive jobs
Responding to the official authorities stipulated in the Vetting Act and its executive bylaws; establishing the necessary coordination with the Central and Supreme Vetting Board in order to inform members of the council for the correct and timely decisions in the meetings about the applicants' case
Coordination with various administrations, companies and organizations in order to conduct research on the work environment, education and residence of applicants at the national level; consideration of complaints of job applicants in case of non-confirmation of initial qualifications
Description of approved duties

13 Inspection and Response to Complaints
Inspection based on complaints received from NIORDC units or case inspections according to the order of the Minister or CEO of the company or its subsidiaries and submission of reports in all fields such as financial, administrative, commercial, legal, etc. and responding to the complainants; provide solutions to identify and detect major violations and cases of non-compliance and violation of laws and regulations, instructions and directives
Prepare analytical reports on the causes and backgrounds of the occurrence of violations and crimes and provide logical solutions to prevent the occurrence of violations and ensure administrative health
Description of approved duties

14 Tender Commission
Planning and coordination for holding the meetings of the Tender Commission and inviting non-executive members of the Commission and representatives of the applicant units, reviewing the bidders' proposals in terms of completeness of documents and their signatures, as well as legibility and unconditionality of price bids (formic evaluation); discussing proposals at the designated time and place, preparing and arranging the minutes of the commission and categorizing them, sending the same bidding documents to all bidders, sending blacklists to the applicant units, inviting bidders or their representatives to attend the licensing round for financial bids, delivering envelopes that need to be reviewed technically to the Technical and Commercial Committee in two-stage tenders, sending the necessary information to the national information base, preparing a price comparison table in one-stage tenders, continuously sending circulars and ratification, current rules and regulations related to the tender commission and the tender deformalization committee and the relevant items to the subsidiaries, announcement of time and place of the licensing rounds of price bids in case of holding a two-stage tender, delivery of envelopes that need technical review to the Technical and Commercial Committee in two-stage tenders and delivery of the rejected price envelopes and guarantee of bids envelopes to the bidder for return to the beneficiary
Description of approved duties

15 Human Resource Development Administration
Determining general human resource policies and strategies and turning them into comprehensive and operational plans in the areas of recruitment, employment, training and development, compensation of services system, welfare services, manpower maintenance and manpower information system
Plan important and strategic programs to motivate work commitment, motivation, growth and promotion of employees
Designing plans and systems for employing appropriate forces for the organization
Studying and identifying external opportunities and threats as well as paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses of human resources
Supervising the human resource planning system by devising its stages, criteria and standards
Designing and supervising implementation of manpower training programs and activities
Formulation and explanation of strategies, specific policies for research and development of human resources
Directing activities related to the personnel and administrative affairs of employees
Leading and supervising the preparation and implementation of various social, cultural, welfare, sports and entertainment programs in order to cultivate and strengthen a healthy and cheerful spirit among employees and their families
Supervise the follow-up of measures related to administrative transformation, improvement of the productivity of the implementation of the participation system and the establishment of quality management systems in order to continuously improve the performance and promotion of the level of productivity of human resources.
Description of approved duties

16 Financial Administration
Keep the accounts of all the company's assets and supervising exploitation of the company's financial resources
Preparing instructions for preparing current and capital budgets of the company and proposing current and capital budgets, preparing performance accounts, performing financial operations, receipts and payments of the company and preparing financial statements of the company
Receipt of hard currency and non-foreign currency receivables resulting from the distribution and export of petroleum products and gas condensate and depositing them in the General Treasury Account and paying the company's debts
Settling the company's dues resulting from the financial weight of contracts
Carrying out calculations of employees' salaries, matters related to retirement plans, loans, bonuses, deductions, insurance and taxes, etc.
Review and control of reciprocal sale contracts and knowledge of the amount of capital and non-capital costs ceiling, the amount and method of payment of fees payable in each contract and bank interest
Control of bank credits and documents of crude oil shipments, gas condensate and products, accounting for the sale of exported oil shipments
Description of approved duties

17 Consolidated Planning Administration
Long-term, medium-term and short-term planning in regulating the market and balancing the supply and demand of various petroleum products in the country
Establishing coordination in strategies and strategic plans in each of the systems of production, transmission, storage and distribution of petroleum products in order to create an operational balance in the value chain of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company
Integration and coordination of operational, financial, commercial plans of subsidiaries and compilation of a comprehensive plan for NIORDC
Monitoring and following up the implementation and enforcement of strategies, plans and strategic plans approved at the level of subsidiaries and the related divested and private companies
Examine and study the trend of international developments in the pattern of production and consumption in global and regional markets in order to formulate, improve and implement energy diplomacy in the field of refining and distribution
Development, promotion, encouragement and facilitation of domestic and foreign investment in each of the fields of production, transmission, distribution and storage of petroleum products and other downstream industries complementing the value chain
Designing the necessary mechanisms for issuing or renewing various types of licenses for economic activities in the fields of production, transmission, distribution and storage of petroleum products and technical engineering services for the private sector in coordination with other relevant ministries/ administrations/specialized companies
Utilization of intelligent information systems related to the operations of NIORDC in order to monitor and verify the operations, as well as collecting and analyzing data and presenting statistical and managerial reports
Investigate barriers and problems and facilitate implementation of private sector economic activities by observing laws and regulations, upstream documents of government duties and regulatory criteria
Reviewing, providing solutions and interacting with other ministries/administrations/companies to facilitate the process of production, distribution, transfer (supply and access to domestic and foreign markets) and storage of petroleum products
Pursue the approval of plans and projects in the competent authorities at the level of the Ministry of Petroleum or other relevant institutions in accordance with the laws and regulations, upstream documents of government duties and regulatory criteria
Description of approved duties

18 Business Administration
Preparation, regulation and formulation of strategy and macro policy of the business system in the field of procurement and purchase, transportation, clearance, storage and warehousing of goods, materials and equipment required by the NIORDC subsidiaries based on the policies and approvals of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, and communicating them to the administrations and subsidiaries
Identifying, reviewing and evaluating the capabilities and potentialities of domestic manufacturers and producers and introducing them to the NIORDC administrations and subsidiaries in order to achieve the important issue of product self-sufficiency, technology transfer and currency savings
Supervise the process of fulfilling foreign orders and purchases to ensure the timely supply of goods to guarantee and continue the company's operations and implement relevant plans and projects and, if necessary, handle mass foreign purchases
Supervise the application, improvement and maintenance of the product classification system and harmonize the standards, methods and systems of procurement of goods at the company level
Follow up and take necessary measures in providing financial resources for current orders, plans and projects
Description of approved duties

19 Research and Technology
Policy-making and coordination in research activities, establishing relations with research centers, supervising how research is conducted and supervising the research activities of subsidiaries
Create a macro information platform for the organization and determine the information communications of the subsystems
Updating the research projects' data related to cooperation with universities and scientific-research centers in the country and abroad
Establishment of technical knowledge management systems
Establish a monitoring system and application of new technologies
Gathering data about research projects implemented in the company
Establishing and updating a database focused on research and development in order to access, identify and establish continuous relations with scientific, research organizations in the country and abroad
Supervise how to conduct research, approve the results and how to use the results in the company
Description of approved duties

20 Health, Safety, Environment and Passive Defense Administration
Planning to maintain and promote workplace health and improve safety at the level of refining and distribution industries, as well as environmental health and excellent oversight of the implementation of programs and instructions and coordination and integration of HSE and passive defense plans and crisis management at the level of refining and distribution industries
Approved job descriptions

21 Information and Communication Technology Administration
Examining the information systems available in the company and supervising the creation and standardization of the required systems in all areas of the company's activities according to the standard
Support and maintenance of existing systems and selection of necessary hardware and software according to the developed standards
Supervision and technical comment on good performance and invoices of the computer service companies in contract with NIORDC in the fields of services, technical and consulting and management of projects defined in the field of information and communication technology
Review and re-engineer the steps of work related to the field of activity
Design and update of the company website according to the set standards
Description of approved duties

22 Production Coordination and Supervision Administration
Sovereign oversight of all stages of implementation of private and public sector refining projects as well as existing refinery development projects and quality improvement projects in existing refineries to ensure compliance with the goals and policies of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company
Devising and proposing all the laws, regulations and instructions necessary for proper interaction with refining companies in order to exercise the sovereign role of NIORDC and follow up their approval in accordance with laws and regulations, upstream documents and other governing duties and approved criteria
Designing the necessary control mechanisms to monitor the implementation of all the laws and regulations notified and enforced by refining companies
Participate in the process of reviewing licensing applications for the construction of non-governmental refineries and interacting with other ministries/administration/companies to facilitate the implementation of contracts concerning feedstock supply, product delivery and provision of any types of services and technical consulting required by the refineries in the country as the representative of the sovereign government in the field of refining and distribution of petroleum products in accordance with the laws and regulations, upstream documents of government duties and regulatory rules and other approved guidelines
Description of approved duties

1. National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC)
This company operates as one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) in the field of distribution of domestically processed or imported petroleum products and management of fuel stations across the country and supervising the proper performance of activities at gas stations, CNG and fueling of planes.
Description of approved duties

2 Refining Companies
The main task of oil refining companies is refining crude oil and producing various petroleum products including: liquefied petroleum gas, petrol, kerosene, gas oil, and fuel oil as well as special products including base oils, light and heavy jet fuel, sulfur, solvents, bitumen feedstock and so on.
Description of approved duties

3 National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company
The National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company, as one of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), is responsible for implementation of all infrastructure projects in the downstream sector of the oil industry, including refineries and storage tanks, pipelines for crude oil and petroleum products throughout the country.
Description of approved duties

4  Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company 

Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company is one of the subsidiaries of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Iranian Petroleum Products, which plays an effective role in supplying energy to various industrial sectors and optimizing the national economy with a mission to transfer large amounts of petroleum products. 194 Oil transfer centers, facilities and pressure breakers are responsible for the safe transfer of crude oil from production points to 7 important refineries in the country on a 24-hour basis. The company also receives from 8 refineries and transfers to oil storage tanks connected to pipelines across the country, supplies liquid fuel to some power plants, airports and part of the petrochemical industry feed and in total network control with an annual transmission function of 128 It handles one billion liters of petroleum products (equivalent to 60 billion tons per kilometer) through more than 14,000 kilometers of pipelines. Sustainable, safe and economical maintenance and operation of pipelines, these vital arteries for transporting petroleum products with the support of the Industrial Telecommunication Network Through 296 telecommunication stations with 99.99% confidence, to accomplish this serious mission. In this regard, the vision of Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company is to achieve the position of the leading company in the field of large, sustainable and safe transportation of crude oil and petroleum products and the provision of industrial telecommunications services in the Middle East.