Achieved by the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
Obtaining the certification of energy management system based on ISO 50001
The National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company succeeded in obtaining the certification of energy management system based on ISO 50001 version 2018 by taking the necessary measures.
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Modeling of Aircraft Manufacturing Company from Oil Knowledge Management System
Following the example of Iran Aircraft Industries Company, the number of model companies from the knowledge management of Tehran Oil Refining Company reached 81 companies and large Iranian organizations.
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Oil Refining Development with Petro-Refineries
Irans growing need for fuel in the transportation sector and its need for self-sufficiency in the production of required fuel makes it more than necessary for the country to upgrade...
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Deputy Minister of Oil:
The cyber attack was a threat that turned into an opportunity
The Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company said: "The cyber attack on the intelligent fuel system was a threat that became an opportunity. "
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Major repairs of the catalytic conversion unit No. 2 of Isfahan Refinery began
The director of maintenance and repairs of Isfahan Oil Refinery announced the beginning of major repairs of Catalytic Conversion Unit No. 2 of this complex.
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Production of Tehran Refinery gasoline with Euro 5 quality will increase
The CEO of Tehran Oil Refining Company said: "Referring to the launch of the process optimization plan and the improvement of quantity and quality, it will be possible to produce Euro 5 gasoline."
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Increased safety in Bandar Abbas oil refinery
The head of safety of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company said: by observing and paying attention to safety standards, 24 million and 810 thousand people - accident-free working hours were registered in Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company.
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Monthly savings of 4 billion rials in Shazand oil transfer center
The head of Shazand Oil Transfer Center, referring to the monthly 2700 quality control tests of petroleum products in this center, stated: "By performing this number of tests, 4 billion Rials have been saved every month."
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Commencement overhaul of Tehran refinery units
Commencement overhaul of South Isomaxunits, hydrogenand sulfurization of Tehranoil Refining Company .
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Commencement of major repairs in Isfahan refinery with the aim of ensuring continuity in production
Major repairs of distillation and liquefied gas units No. 3 of this company are carried out with the aim of ensuring the continuation of production of petroleum products and preparation of refinery operating units for a period of four years.
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