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Coordination of All Economic Organs Needed to Advance Petro-Refineries


TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ Given the repeated emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the law on petro-refineries, it is necessary to expedite this matter, with the leadership of the Ministry of Petroleum, and put it on the agenda of all relevant organizations to compensate for the slow process of the past.

According to Mehrnews, in the meeting of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution with producers on Sunday, he for the third time specifically underlined the implementation of a law called "Supporting the development of downstream industries using public capital." This emphasis has been apart from the Leader"s constant emphasis on avoiding the sale of raw materials and completing the oil and gas value chain during these years.

"Important industries around them can create a chain of job-creating industries; downstream industries that are often also job-creating," he said. "For example, now under the oil industry, there are a lot of downstream industries, one example of which is the petro-refineries, whose law was approved by the parliament in 2019 and was communicated to the government of the time; unfortunately, it has not been pursued, it must be, however. These bring both the average capital of the people into the field of employment and the creation of employment."


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