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Construction of a 150,000 barrel petroleum refinery in Lavan

TEHRAN (NIORDC),Lavan gasoline production reaches 1.3 million liters

 Mohammad Ali Akhbari, in a conversation with the information base of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Iraniaoil Products, referring to the launch of an isomerization unit and the use of an Iranian catalyst in this unit, said:With the support of research work, the refinery"s gasoline production will increase to one million liters per day.
Maximum production of refineries in parallel with increasing consumption
Akhbari added: "Considering that the country is currently on a steep slope of gasoline consumption due to the removal of restrictions related to the corona, the uninterrupted operation of the country"s refineries continues full time and at maximum pressure until the required gasoline is supplied and then The country should not face problems and challenges in this regard.

Planning to implement two projects worth $ 70 million at the Lavan refinery

Referring to the defined goals of the new projects of this refinery to increase the profitability and liquidity of the company following its implementation, he clarified: "Currently, the implementation of these projects is on the agenda at Lavan Oil Refinery." Akhbari added: "Among these plans is a liquidation plan worth $ 20 million, which has been approved by the board of directors and work related to the implementation of this contract has begun."

He said: "Another project is related to the distillation unit in the new vacuum of the refinery, which will produce Lubcat, vacuum baton and other products related to furnace oil." The $ 50 million project is being tendered and its executives have been selected.
Referring to the financing of these projects, the CEO of Lavan Refinery said: "The sources of financing for these projects have also been prepared, the opinion of the company"s board of directors and major shareholders has been obtained, and with their approval, it is now being implemented." Executive action is to begin within the next 3 months.

Construction of a 150,000 barrel petroleum refinery

Akhbari continued: "Following the planning for the implementation of the mentioned projects, another major project in order to develop petroleum refining projects in the oil industry has been planned and registered by Lavan Refinery;" A 150,000-barrel petro-refinery project is scheduled to be built near the Lavan refinery. He stressed: "Work related to this project and obtaining the necessary permits for implementation has been done. We are consulting with the Lavan Special Economic Zone in order to obtain land allocation agreement."

Obtaining initial approval from the National Refining and Distribution Company

Akhbari explained: "For this purpose, a permit has been obtained from the Deputy Minister of Oil, following which our experts and the Lavan Special Economic Zone are examining the location of the project so that if there is a problem, the land can be given to the refinery." Regarding the important coordinates of the 150,000-barrel petroleum refinery construction project, he said: "In this regard, a consultation has been held with the National Refining and Distribution Company and a preliminary agreement has been reached to cooperate with Lavan refinery in this project."

Forming a working group to complete the petro-refining project

According to Akhbari, our major shareholders have welcomed the investment in the new petro-refining project, and negotiations have been held with the private sector to accelerate and facilitate the implementation of this project.
In the end, he noted: "This refinery has been a leader in training specialized personnel in the refining industry and sending them to other refineries." Managers in this environment have grown and matured and are currently working in the field of oil and refining

It is worth mentioning that Lavan oil refinery with a capacity of 55,000 barrels per day is operating.

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