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Fuel Smuggling Zero in Borders

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ The Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products announced that the smuggling of petroleum products on the borders of Afghanistan, Armenia and Kurdistan has reached zero.
Alireza Sadeghabadi told a ceremony to unveil a new system for receiving requests for petroleum products (SADAF): "Considering that the previous trade system did not have the necessary security and transparency in registration and maintenance of the applicants" particulars and the fuel market, designing the SADAF system was put on the agenda."

Sadeghabadi stated: "The National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), with the cooperation and proper interaction with the Anti-Trafficking Headquarters of the country, achieved this important goal."
He added: "Currently, 50 systems are connected to SADAF and all the information of the applicants is provided to other organs as a database, due to which many smuggling cases have been discovered."

Sadeghabadi said: "Due to the high potential of smuggling as a result of rising hard currency rates and fluctuations in oil prices on the borders of Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Armenia, the issue of smuggling is completely controlled in these borders."
According to him, with the boom in the trade of products in borders such as Afghanistan, fuel smuggling has reached zero, and only in the Pakistan border, fuel smuggling has not completely disappeared.

Sadeghabadi stated: "This system is the most comprehensive one that has provided the possibility of providing information to other organizations; as a result, even companies that have evaded taxes in recent years have been identified."
Also addressing the ceremony, Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh, referring to the daily distribution of 200 million liters of liquid petroleum products, said: "Exports of Iranian petroleum products in [the calendar year of] 1398 compared to 1391, rose four times and for the first time 23 million tons of products were exported from the country."

Mr. Zangeneh said: "The capacity of our petroleum products export terminals has tripled in the last two to three years, while in recent years we have always faced the problem of terminal capacity."
"Exporting petroleum products is no easy task, and we have worked hard and prevented smuggling to ensure that the export of the product enters the official channel."

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