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Isfahan Refinery Optimizes Flare Stacks

 ISFAHAN (NIORDC) - Isfahan Refinery has overhauled its units, implementing an optimization project for its flare stacks.

Referring to completion of major repairs in various units of the refinery, the plant"s production deputy said: "In these repairs, by implementing 3 projects of optimizing the stacks, extracting thermal energy from the diesel product of Isomax Unit and reconstructing the thermal insulation of hydrogen furnace, we were able to achieve roughly 2% conservation in the facility"s fuel consumption.

"Alireza Jafarpour stated: "This overhaul period was carried out with the continuous activity of 2,000 manpower for 25 days.

"Also, the director of maintenance and repairs of Isfahan Oil Refining Company stated that in order to improve the quality of performance and prevent the consequences of the unrelenting activity of refining devices, operational units should be overhauled every 3 or 4 years.

"During this overhaul, which was carried out with full observance of safety and health protocols, the sealing system of 602 Compressor of Isomax Unit was changed from oil type to dry type, which, in addition to reducing 10% of work loss due to machine stoppage, improved the efficiency of the equipment by at least 10%.

"Alireza Qazvinizadeh said Isomax Unit No. 2 of the company is fed by an average of 22,500 barrels per day and the hydrogen unit 7000 kg per hour, and said gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, jet fuel and gas oil are among the items produced by the Isomax unit while the amine contactor unit is responsible for removing sulfur from products. 

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