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Performing the main repairs of the hydrocracker unit of Tabriz oil refining company

TEHRAN (NIORDC), according to Public Relations and International Affairs of Tabriz oil refining company , Mehdi Kafa, said: "The hydrocarker unit (Eisomax) is one of the most important and strategic units It is a mission of producing products such as Bhutan gas, gasoline, white oil, Aiso Raskel, ATK passenger fuel, AW402 solvents, AW406 and heavy naphtax, and is part of the company"s profit units.

He continued: Eisomax unit is undergoing operational pressure and high temperatures, so it requires double attention at basic repairs and exploitation. He added about the time of these repairs: "According to planning, the repair operation began from June 8 this year and in the early month of the month in the production circuit. Referring to the amount of human resources involved in these repairs, the repairs were conducted by the domestic and native forces of the province and 52 thousand and 600persons per hour.

He added that one of the most important equipment in this unit, which is a major repair, is the TH-603 furnace, which completely replaced all its tubes and components in accordance with the standards available by day by day. And continued: Turbo The TC-602 compressor also undergoing fundamental repairs, as an Eisomax unit.

Tabriz oil refining director, referring to Corona"s Corona Repairs, referred to: Given the prevalence of Corona virus, all the necessary monitoring of the National Staff in Corona Fighting and HSEQ Health experts also condition Controlled. 

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