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1st Fully-Iranian Oil Transfer Center Launched

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ The director Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company in the Persian Gulf Region said: "For the first time, the 100% Iranian oil transfer center has been put into operation by the Persian Gulf region and with the help of local contractors."
Hamidreza Kayhanpour, during his visit to the Goreh-Jask pipeline and at a ceremony to officially launch the No. 2 transmission center of the pipeline, said: "4 electric pumps have been installed by Iran Industrial Pumps Group in Goreh-Jask crude oil transfer center No. 2, and currently 4 devices in the form of 1 + 3 are in operation.
Kayhanpour further stated that the first phase of Goreh-Jask pipeline would come online with approximately one third of its nominal capacity (330,000 barrels per day).
He continued: "The pumps of this line are parallel, and each of which can pump up to 100,000 barrels of products from the origin in Goreh to Jask."
The official further noted that in the final phase, this capacity will reach one million barrels, adding: "One of the highlights of this project is the supply of crude oil to feed the Bandar Abbas refinery, which has taken place for the first time on land with a 30-inch offshoot from the a 42-inch pipeline to the city of Bandar Abbas."
He added: "Since the establishment of Bandar Abbas refinery, it has been fed by the sea and via vessels."

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