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Iran CNG Distribution Capacity to hit 40 mcm

TEHRAN (NIORDC) __ Deputy CEO of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) said plans are under way to bring the country"s daily distribution capacity of compressed natural gas (CNG) to 40 million cubic meters per day.
"The decision to build 700 CNG stations has been delivered to the Economic Council, which will be on the agenda after approval and notification," Hamid Ghasemi Deh Cheshmeh said.
He stated: "At present, the real capacity of the country"s stations for CNG distribution is about 25 mcm, but it will reach 40 mcm/d once new stations come online."
Ghasemi added: "Given that the country has good reserves in this area, not only are there no restrictions to increase the capacity of CNG stations in the country, but investing in it is in the interest of the government and the people. The average price of CNG in the world is about one-fifth the price of gasoline. In our country, this figure is about one-seventh, which reduces the cost of public transport, freight transport and the household costs."
"The low level of CNG pollution is another advantage of using this fuel," he said. "For this reason, the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum is seeking to increase the share of this fuel in the country"s energy consumption mix, and has sent a plan to build 700 CNG stations to the Economic Council and is waiting for its approval."
Ghasemi added: "700 stations are to be built in a period of 3 years, about a third of which will be implemented in the current calendar year (1400). Currently, the land of 250 new stations is ready and waiting for the approval of the decree, after which the compressors and related equipment will be installed in them." 

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